Western Heartlands - Wayoming

This is Yellowstone Country! Western Heartlands Ranch is what America was, a place where the cowboy culture thrives and where the new west begins. The ranch is located about 35 minutes north of Cody, Wyoming, named after Buffalo Bill Cody!


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Canyon Milagro - New Mexico

New Mexico is perhaps best known for it's scenic beauty and sunny climate. As a matter of fact, because the sun shines much of the year, the state is the leader in solar energy research. Other resources however are more traditional, uranium, coal, gas and oil contribute to the state's economy and the country's energy.


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Kingsley Lodge - Lake McConaughy

Located North of Ogallala, NE on Lake McConaughy. Convenience store and bait shop. Separate laundry cabin. 17 units for rent. 3 trailers. 12 cabins. 1 duplex. Trailer court with 10 trailers. Steel building. New owners home. Two years old. 2,500 sq. ft. $800,000 with new home. $700,000 without new home


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Middle Loup River Property - NEW!

20 miles north of Broken Bow, NE in Custer County. 348 deeded acres. All electric cabin with deck. Bedroom, full bath and sleeping loft. 1 mile of the Middle Loup River. The river is about 100 yds. wide in this area. 200 ft. submersible well with under ground pipeline to cattle watering tanks.


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8101 NW 10th St Suite B
Oklahoma City, OK 73127


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